flutter for winds and percussion (2016) - 3'

Commissioned by the William Mason High School Wind Symphony
Micah Ewing, Director
Level: Medium Easy

William Mason High School Wind Symphony
Micah Ewing, Conductor
December 15, 2016
The Midwest Clinic, Chicago

Program Notes:

flutter is a celebration of all things with wings. I have always been mesmerized by the hummingbirds that visit the feeders outside my house. Even in the midst of a flourish of movement, there is a sense of effortless floating...a sense of stillness. This simultaneous dichotomy is the basis of the genesis of the piece. Constantly moving rhythmic motives are juxtaposed against soaring melodies, eventually "fluttering" off together, on to the next adventure...

flutter is dedicated to the students and staff of William Mason High School. We all have "clients" in this business, but Mason has been a family to me since the beginnings of our collaboration. It is a place full of wonderful people teaching more wonderful people. I'm lucky to be along for the ride...

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