Mason 2016 Source Material

Hello Team Mason!

I think it is important for us all to know and appreciate the source material in its original form. It should give you a little more context in which to prepare and perform!

The music is all composed by Samuel Barber, one of the most prolific American composers in history. I have attached various notes for each movement below.

You can click within the black bar to fast forward/rewind.


This piece, originally composed for all strings, will be used throughout the show as transitional material. It's one of the more beautiful pieces of music ever written!


This is the source for much of Part 1.  We use the beginning, as well as starting at about 4:10 in this recording to the end.


This piece is also used as a through line, as well as material for the 2nd half of Part 1. Check out the first minute, and 8:00 to the end.


This piece provides the material for Part 3, as well as the end of Part 4. Check out 11:30 for the Part 3 material. The material for the end of the show starts at about 18:18.


This piece provides the material for the first half of Part 4. The section we used starts at about 5:56.